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I have three research streams that I look forward to continuing:  (1) coordination, (2) computer self-efficacy, (3) attention. For several years, I have been immersed in healthcare settings, which are a context of interest for my primary research stream. I pursue my research interests at both individual and organizational levels using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


Research Stream Summary


Coordination Computer Self-Efficacy Attention
Broad Research Questions:

1) What meta-knowledge (which we term - coordinating knowledge) must people know in order to coordinate?


2) How can  information systems affect the coordinating process by embodying or influencing coordinating knowledge?

1) Are we measuring CSE to capture what we, theoretically, are describing?


2) How does CSE actually affect performance (e.g., persistence, attribution of failures, etc.)?

1) How do leaders of organizations succeed in implementing long-term, digital infrastructure, projects. Specifically, how do they iterate between initiating and sustaining attention.
Research Context:
Healthcare teams in hospitals
Experiments around software training
NSF funded Cyberinfrastructure Centers


Refereed Journal Articles

Claggett, J. L., Watson, R., Boudreau, M. C. (2011) “Greenway Medical Technologies:  the pace-setting David of EHR” Communications of the Association for Information Systems: Vol. 29, Article 17.

Refereed Conference Proceedings & Presentations

Berente, Nicholas and Claggett, Jennifer L. “Feast and Famine: Resource Scarcity, Slack, and Digital Infrastructure Innovation,” Presented at the Academy of Management, Boston, MA, USA August 3-7, 2012


Claggett, Jennifer L. and Berente, Nicholas. “Organizing for Digital Infrastructure Innovation: The Interplay of Initiated and Sustained Attention,” Presented at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Wailea, HI, USA January 4-7, 2012


Berente, Nicholas and Claggett, Jennifer L. “Challenges in the Management of High-Performance Computing Centers:  An Organizational Perspective,” Presented at the International Conference on Super Computing, Seattle, WA, USA November 12-18, 2011


Claggett, Jennifer L. “Social Dynamics of Coping in Telemedicine Implementations: Triggers and Reappraisals,” Presented at the Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH), Washington D.C., USA October 22, 2011


Claggett, J L., Karahanna, E., and Serrano, C. “When a Good Fit Doesn’t Always Succeed: Exploring Telehealth Implementations in Three Nursing Homes,” Presented at the Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, Limasol, Cyprus September 3-5, 2011


Claggett, Jennifer L. and Goodhue, Dale L. “Have IS Researchers Lost Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Concept?  A Discussion of the Definition and Measurement of Computer Self-Efficacy,” Presented at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Koloa, HI, USA January 4-7, 2011*


Claggett, J. L. “Understanding Primary Appraisal in User Adoption: An Exploratory Case Study of a Telehealth Project,” Presented at the Southern Association for Information Systems Conference, Atlanta, GA, USA March 26-27, 2010


*Winner of a Best Paper Award

Invited Presentations

“How to Fund Graduate Study with Grants”
UGA Interdisciplinary Research Conference – March 23, 2012


“Generative Tension and the Management of Infrastructural Innovation”
INFORMS 2011 Annual Meeting – November 15, 2011 (with Nicholas Berente)


“Leadership and Infrastructural Innovation”
Managing Cyberinfrastructure Centers Workshop – October 6-8, 2011


“Experience and Advice on how to Craft a Winning Application”
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program Workshop – September 9, 2011


“Facilitating Adoption of Telemedicine: Disrupting Habits and Organizational Routines
Georgia Partnership for Telehealth Conference – March 17, 2011
(with Elena Karahanna and Christina Serrano)

Other Publications

Berente, Nicholas, Claggett, Jennifer, Howison, James, Knobel, Cory and Rubleske, Joe, Managing “CI Centers: An Agenda for Organizational Scholarship and Cyberinfrastructure Innovation” (August 13, 2012). Available at the Social Science Research Network


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